Notre philosophie

We are certified Demeter in a way of biodynamic farming, and this philosophy  is a guide for our working methods.

We are considering  our domaine  as a whole, and we try to maintain a balance between our soil,our vine and living  inhabitant organism .Our goal is to produce a wine similar to us and expressing terroir .


The vineyard area is 17 ha ,laying from the plain of the Vienne  to the hill of Cravant.

So we have different  kinds of soil.

Our grape variety , cabernet franc, on terroir of sandy and gavelous soil produce fruity light red wines .On clayey soils ,wine is richer more concentrated.

But it is with the hill terroir that cabernet can better express its power  its richness  and its fruitness.


To love wine means loving vines first..

Grapes we produce , are coming from organic farming and biodynamic methods.

We respect natural rythms of Nature that increases the efficiency of vine work , stimulates natural defences of plant and enhances the terroir effect of grapes.

Ploughing allows us to avoid the use of chemichal weed killers under the vine stock.the shoots are crushed and buried after pruning, to make the soil richer in humus.

We practice grass cover cropping every row with lucerne and clover which brings azote to vines,and allows natural balance of insects. Bees , wasps, ladybirds  and also earth worms are working for us..

On some plots we practise green harvest, we pick up some clusters before maturing in the way of decreasing  the yield  but  having more concentrated harvest.


We make hand harvest, in the way of keeping the integrity of berries and preventing a too early begining fermentation.

Grapes are picked , destemmed  sorted and put in vats with kindness

Process of fermentation naturally starts  with indigenious yeasts.

And each cuvee is individually vinified

Vats can be stainless steel vats , concrete vats or oak vats in regard of the cuvée

Some wines are aged in oak barrels