Notre histoire

The winemakers

Philippe Pichard comes from a wine maker’s family, wine maker from father to son since the fifth generation.

He has the passion of vines and wines.

He has learnt  how to grow up and to increase his estate which area is 17ha.

« I love my vine, I spend all my time in it without counting .

I look at it.I respect it and take care of its rythm week after week.

                                                                                       Philippe PICHARD

We share the same passion for wine, and this is how we met.

We bought this estate in february 2012, and we continue  working with Philippe,

As he alwways did..

To make a wine of quality,respecting Nature and what it gave us.

This authenticity we love , we are pleased to share it with you.

                                                                                       Annick and Francis JOURDAN

Wineyard pictures